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Rakhaing Women’s Union (RWU)

Rakhaing Women’s Union (RWU) 

RWU seeks 
“To empower and advance of the status of women by promoting the participation of women at every level of decision making in all spheres of society.”

“Work is driven by the desire for genuine peace and meaningful democracy restoration in Burma.”

Following the 1988 pro-democracy movement, the military junta has systematically violated all forms of human rights. Particularly those belonging to ethnic minorities such as the Rakhaing, have faced hardships such as the death, forced labour, all forms of violence, displacement, and land confiscation of land and property by the military. A result of ongoing violence, many people have fled to the neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, India and Thailand. Notably, the Rakhaing people have fled to Bangladesh border which is a neighboring. 

In 1997, numbers of Rakhaing refugees including women and children increased along the Bangladesh border. In order to save the lives of women and children; to promote gender equality; to work for the protection and prevention of violence against women & children, the Rakhaing Women’s Union (RWU) was founded on 14th November 1998 at the Bangladesh-Burma border with the refugee women in revolutionary area as well as to ensure women and children have access to basic needs.