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December 2021 and January 2022 Situation Update of Burma/Myanmar

As the rest of the world celebrated Human Rights Day and the hopeful promises of a new year, the people of Burma/ Myanmar live in fear of exercising their basic human rights. State-sponsored atrocities, including airstrikes and on- ground offensives, intensified over the December and January period, leaving thousands more people internally displaced. Burning entire villages and indiscriminately murdering women and children, the juntas violence has propelled the country into a political, socioeconomic, and humanitarian crisis.

The junta increased its terror on the people during the months of December and January. While people all around the world were celebrating Christmas Eve with their loved ones, the junta were committing one of the most brutal massacres witnessed since the start of the coup. Just outside of Moso in Karenni/Kayah State, the Christmas Eve massacre claimed 40 civilians.

In mid-December, the Burmese Army raided Lay Kay Kaw, Myawaddy Township in Karen State. Lay Kay Kaw is a new town built with the support of the Nippon Foundation as a symbol of peace between the government and the KNU under “President Thein Sein.As a result, there was intense fighting between the Burmese Army and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), and local Peoples Defense Force (PDFs). In late December, the Burmese Air Force bombed the area.