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Policy Paper by the Salween Institute for Public Policy in Partnership with the Women's League of Burma January 2018

This paper has been written in order to support efforts to increase women’s participation in negotiations for a cease-fire agreement, political negotiations, and legislative and administrative processes. We hope to promote gender equality through more women’s…

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The Women’s League of Burma (WLB) would like to emphasize the necessity of positive measures in creating a constitution for Burma that protects women’s rights and promotes gender equality in Burma. 

The Argument: This paper argues that it is necessary not only to recognize the unequal status between women and men in Burma, but also to address that unequal status by adopting…

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The briefing paper set out in three stages our case for introducing a quote system into a future federal Burmese constitution including analysis on women’s involvement and representation in Burma’s past constitutions and the various constitution drafting processes, the outlines of our rational for enshrining affirmative action, and quota systems in particular, in a federal constitution and our…